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Museum in Norrköping reported

"Sverigedemokraterna", a political party far right, has reported a museum in Norrköping to the police. They claim that the exhibition of newspaper articles which is shown at the museum is false and brings fake news to the audience. The exhibition shows the history of nazis in Sweden in which "Sverigedemokraterna" is described to have had active members. There is also a picture of a group of members of Sverigedemokraterna who are leading this party in Norrköping today. However, the police have said that they will not proceed with thes accusations. In Sweden we have Freedom of speech and Freedom of the Press. These rights are Constitutional.



New Speaker of Parliament

The New Speaker of the Swedish Parliament is Alexander Norlén. He comes from the Conservative Party (Moderaterna). His job now is to find a Prime Minister who can rule this country for the next four years. There will be an election in Parliament tomorrow where the present Prime Minister, Stefan Löfvén, is expected to be removed. This due to the fact that the far right movement, "Sverigedemokraterna", took 63 seats and will be able to vote with the "Alliance" to ensure that Stefan Löfvén must go. 



Cultural Profile in Swedish Nobel Academy risks to be locked in

The Prosecutor at Stockholm Court has pleaded three years of prison for the man who is suspected of raping two women and to sexually have assaulted a number of other women during many years. This man is married to one of the members of the Swedish Nobel Academy of Literature. In December 2017 the Swedish newspaper "Dagens Nyheter" released an article in which 18 women accused this Cultural Profile of these abuses. He denies all allegations. Due to this crises in the Academy, the Nobel Prize of Literatur for 2018 will not be announced at all. A sort of reconstruction of the whole Academy is necessary, because several members of the Academy have left their chairs. His Majesty the King is "the Guardian" of the Academy and is trying to help to reconstruct their validity and to find a solution to be able to vote for new Academy-members who can select a future Nobel Prize-winner.   


Elections in Three Weeks

After four years with a Coalition Government with Miljöpartiet (Green Party) it is time for the Socialdemocrates to try and win the Elections on the 9th of September again. Their opponents, called the "Alliance" with Conservatives, Liberals, Kristdemocrats and Center-Party are hoping to get Swedish people's votes this time.  

The most importanat questions according to the voters are guestions of Wellfare, Education, Immigration and Law and Order. In the last weeks however, the question of Climate Change has climbed to one of the most important issues. This discussion has given the Green Party (Miljöpartiet) a bit of push forward in the Polls.

 Prime Minister Stefan Löfvén, Socialdemokraterna



Winter-weather from Siberia

Sweden has got really cold weather from Siberia in Russia this week. The thermometer shows -8 C, but with the cold winds the actual feeling is twice as much, - 16 C degrees. On top of that there is a lot of snow in almost every part of the country. All the snowing today has caused a lot of problems in different Airports.



The Nobel-prize winners having a Party

All Nobel-prize Winners. their families and everyone who has been involved in this years prize-selections together with Royalties, Politicians and VIP people in Sweden, had a great Ballroom Party last night in the Stockholm City Hall. They were served a three-meal course with a theme of "Winter". The entre was made of lamb. All ladies were dressed in fantastic dresses designed by famous designers.  


Sara Danius, the Permanent Secretary of the Swedish Academy




"Me too" Campaign have had Consequences

For the last two weeks a famous media host and a Newspaper journalist have been accused of Sexual harassments and/or rape. A journalist from the Newspaper "Aftonbladet" has been accused of rape by a female collegue and several other women have said that they have been sexually assaulted by him. He has taken a " time out" until further investigations are being made. In the TV channel "TV4" a very popular host for a TV show has been fired due to his behaviour. Many of his collegues have witnessed his sexual assaults, his homofobic and racist attitude at work. The management of TV4 has therefore fired him, and all programmes with him are totally cancelled. 



First Weekday since Terror-attack

Today people in Stockholm are waking up to a new work-week after the terror-attack in the city. Four people were killed, and 15 injured. There are still 9 people hospitalized of whom two are very seriously injured and are still in intensive care. Today there will be a National minute of Silence at 12 o'clock to honour those who were killed and injured in the attack.

Two men are under arrest. The first one is the 39 year old Rukhmet Akilov from Uzbekistan, who drove the truck through Drottninggatan in Stockholm. The second one, police have informed,  is also suspected of somehow taking part in the attack, but the police have not told media, why,  or what he has supposed to have done. There are also a number of people being kept in custody, but they have not yet been arrested as far as we know.  

The 39 year old Uzbekistanik man was hiding after he had been denied asylum in Sweden. In December 2016 he had been notified that his application for asylum was denied, and he had to leave the country within four weeks. However, before the police had a chance to escort him out of the country, he disappeared. Now he is the mainsuspect of the horrible attack on Friday afternoon.




Snow again

For a couple of weeks there hasn't been any snow in the southern parts of Sweden, but tonight it is white again. It has been snowing for a couple of hours and there is a bit over 10 centimeters of snow in the south of Sweden again. The temperture is about 0 C degrees, so this snow might melt away guite rapidly.    




Chansellor Merkel visits Sweden

Today at 10 o'clock the German Chancellor Angela Merkel will arrive in Sweden to visit Prime Minister Stefan Löfvén. She will also meet with King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia. Sweden and Germany will discuss subjects such as Brexit, the future of EU and probably Northstream 2 (the Russian Gaz-pipeline) . At a guess they might mention something about the new administration at the White House in Washington.



Court-hearing of former owner of Saab-car starts today

The former owner of Saab-car, Victor Mueller and a few of his staff, are accused of among other things, having swindled the Swedish state of large amounts of money. This is supposed to have happened just a few months before the automobile factory was filed for bankruptcy. Mr Mueller's lawyer opposes the accusations and claims that Mr Mueller was not aware of the economic status of the factory at the time. Swedish media reports that the court-hearing will dure for about 20 days and is a very complicated case with an enormous amount of documents to be presented by the prosecutor.



Today Sweden's population passed 10 million

At 7.47 AM this morning Sweden's population passed the 10 million score. Most of the increased population is due to immigration, but about 250 000 newborn babies also contributed to the increased number. There are more people who are born then who dies, that is the explanation to these numbers according to Statistics Sweden. In 2024 they expect the population to be 11 million.



A Grand Seminar in Northern Sweden

Since many years there is a Seminar or Conference called "Folk och Försvar" in Sälen in the Northern part of Sweden. You could translate it to "People and Defence". All top names within Swedish Defence forces, political parties,  the Government, Military Experties, Intelligence, Journalists and everybody else who is interetested in the Swedish Defence, are gathered in Sälen to discuss future Security of the country. Many of the Seminars are sent on Swedish Television and can be watched by whomever is interested. All the politicians who are affected by Swedish Military or Swedish Defence - forces are attending. Today the Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfvén taöked about threats that are facing Swedish interests and in the afternoon the Minsiter of Internal Affairs, Anders Ygeman, talked about among other things, the nesessity for the Swedish Media to be aware of not spredading false information at their platforms.


Windy couple of days

Last night the storm called "Urd" came to the Swedish west-coast and southern Sweden. Trains and ferries were stopped, people were told to stay inside and a lot of Christmas-celebrating Swedes couldn't get home. A few thousands were out of electricity and it was raining heavily in some places. Now, at 2 pm, the winds have become nicer and order is restored in the country.



Bob Dylan will not come to Sweden

The Nobel Prize winner in Literature, Bob Dylan, has told the Swedish Academy's Secretary Sara Danius, that he will not be able to attend the cermony on the 10th of December in Sweden. He has written a letter and explained that he could not come because he had engagements that he could not be absent from. The Academy said in the Swedish Radio that they understood Bob Dylan and respected his decision.



Lots of Snow in Stockholm

There was a really chaotic few days in the Capital of Sweden. The weather was ruthless and it was snowing like crazy for a couple of days. People were stuck in their cars for several hours, some without any water or food for their children. Some of the travelers helped each other with drinks and snacks. The early iwinter-weather surprised many people who were supposed to drive to work and day-care for their children.  


Lots of snow early in Stockholm and rest of Sweden


New Money

Riksbanken (National Bank) introduces new Paper Money and Coins. New coins with the values of 1. 2 and 5 Crowns are released as well as new Paper Money with the value of 100 and 500 Crowns. The new coins will be totally free of nickel. The Paper money Bills are illustrated with the actress Greta Garbo and Operasinger Birgit Nilsson.



Ericsson confirms shut down

Today, Ericsson confirms the Shut Down of at least two cellphone plants in Sweden. Approximately 3000 employees will be affected in Borås and Kumla. 



Nobel Prize

Yesterday, the Nobel Prize of Medicine, was awarded to the Japanese Scientist Yoshinori Ohsumi, for something called autophalagy. Today the Price for Physics will be declared at approximately 11.45.



Ericsson planning to leave Sweden

According to a letter which the Swedish newspaper "Svenska Dagbladet" have received, the large Swedish telecom Company "Ericsson", is planning to leave all production of cell-phones from Sweden. There are two large factories in Sweden, one in Borås and one in Kumla. There are almost 3000 workers who are affected by such a decision if it is accurate.. The Ericsson Headquarters have not affirmed, nor denied these statements. Everybody is waiting for some kind of Pressrelease and further information from those who knows what is going on. 


Internal problems within the Liberal Party

For a few days Swedish media have been reporting about the Liberal Party. Their Chariman, Jan Björklund, said that the Party would vote for a Law against Religious Private Schools financed with tax-money and he also suggested that the Government should invite the political party "Sverigedemokraterna", ( who are against most of the refugee-politics that has been conducted in Sweden), to participate in political discussions in the Parliament. He said that by not letting them in the political sphere, it only gives Sverigedemokraterna a status of victimization. Against these suggestions, a very known Liberal Party-member, Birgitta Ohlsson, wrote a critical article in one of the biggest newspapers. This caused two other members to demand that Birgitta Ohlsson should resign. All these discussions have now resulted in many speculations; among others, that the Liberal Party should change Chairman and maybe install Brigitta Ohlsson as a new Chairman. Although both Björklund and Ohlsson denies that there is a power-battle going on, very many political profiles suggests that something will happen at the top of the Liberal Party. 



Age Confirmation of young Asylum-seekers

An Institution, "Rättsmedicinalverket", has decided that by X-raying teeth and knees, the Swedish Migration Office, will be able to confirm the age of Asylum-seekers. There are often questions about how old the young (mailnly) males are who seek asylum. Some experts say that they have suspected people to have been nearly in their 40-ies and been claiming to be under the age of 18.

It is much more favourable to be under 18, because it is easier to get asylum and children under 18 are taken care of in a better manner than adults. These methods of age-control are however, volontary for the asyum seekers.



No change in Swedish Nato-policy

According to an article in DN.Se by the Foreign Minister Wallström and Defence Minister Hultqvist, Sweden will not change its policy against NATO. Sweden will continue its Partnership but willl not apply for a Membership. There are discussions with Finland regarding a closer cooperation between the two countires' Defence forces.



US Vice President Biden in Stockholm

The Vice President Joe Biden is in Stockholm for a quick visit. He was welcomed by the Foreign Minister Margot Wallström at Arlanda Airport. He met with Prime Minister Stefan Löfvén and they talked about Immigration, International Security and other important questions. The Swedish Prime Minister said at a Press Conference that the relationship between Sweden and United States is "very good".


Bear-hunting starts today

There is about 219 bears to be hunted this year. Almost all of the bears are in the region of Southern North of Sweden and several hunters have been taking off work to hunt the bears. The number of bears have increased in the last years, and people are welcoming the hunt. In some places however, there has been a forbidden sort of hunting, by feeding the bears near villages, and therefore the number of allowed bears to hunt has been decreased. 



Last Years Submarine Chase

In April 2015 a military person saw an U-boat in the waters of Stockholm. Newspapers were quick to accuse the Russians of this trespassing. In December 2015 the Government was informed by the Defence Office of this incident, but they said that the nationality of the u-boat could not be affirmed. However, now it has been revealed that they were quite certain of that this uboat was a German vessel. The reason to why they didn't inform the Government of this, the Defence Office say was because they were not 100% sure. 



Last Week for Politicians and their entourage in Gotland

The traditional week in which Politicians, Journalists, Lobbyists and other "significant" people spend at Almedalen in Gotlands is over. This last day it is the Conservative Party (Moderaterna) who have the stage and Media-coverage for their have ideas of what should be done about matters that matter in Sweden and internationally. During the week there have been numerous seminars and conferences about all imaginable subjects. Very many people have been interested in subjects and statistis which the Migration-Office has been presented. All Media has reported about the great public interest of that, but not many have actually reported what they have been saying.

All Political Parties who are represented in the Parliament have a day each and they are visible on Morning TV, Radio and Live Broadcasting at night at 7 pm. Usually it is the Chariman of the Party who is interviewed and who is speaking on the Live Broadcast. This year it was one new Chairman, The Green Party's newly elected Isabella Lövin.   



Swedish Superstar says Goodbye

The Swedish National Soccerteam lost their game against Belgium yesterday and are out of the European Championship. Zlatan Ibrahimovic had told the press that this was his last tournament as a National Soccerplayer and therefore the game yesterday became his last in the blue and yellow dress. He has played for his country for 15 years, but now that era is over. He is the biggest soccerstar that Sweden has had and the Swedish people thank him for all the good and exciting times which he has given them.

Pictures from



Sabotage against masts

Several masts have been sabotaged in Sweden. In the Western Sweden an over 300 meter tall mast was sabotaged which made the mast fall down. Several hundreds of people were unable to watch TV and listen to the Radio. This was regarded as a very serious incident, hence no news were able to be heard or seen in this area. Since then, two more masts have been tampered with. The company who owns these masts, Teracom, have said that they are increasing security with cameras and security guards.



Swedish Green Party in Trouble

For the past few days, the Swedish Green Party has been in the middle of Media-attention. This week, one of the Ministers, The Secretary of Housing, Mr Kaplan, had to resign because newspapers had found that he had been dining with an Islamic extremist. He said that he did not know who this extremist was, but said he would step down because he would not be able to do his job with this turbulance in the media. Yesterday, another member of the Green Party, a Muslim man who was intended to be part of the Board of the Party, refused to shake hands with a female TV- reporter and had to leave all his political duties.



A Person Has Been Detained at Arlanda Airport

A male person has been detained at Arlanda Airport in Stockholm. He is wanted by the German Police for crimes defined as terrorism. These crimes have been committed several years ago. More information about his arrest will follow, according to


Builders on Strike

This morning, at 6 am, the Construction Workers Union started their strike. In this first phase they have taken out approximately 1600 Builder's across the country. Their demands are among other things to regulate the Sub-contractors who work for very low wages and long working-hours. These Sub-contractors makes the building business unequal, accordningto the Union.

The Builder's Strike also stops some on-going roadworks 


Banks and Financial Institutions must demand a Pay Off of New Credits

From the 1st of May 2016 there will be a new Law which states that any household who takes a new loan to buy a property, must pay off the credit to a level of 70 % of the value within seven years. The Banks in Sweden protests and claims that this new law is impossible to implement so soon. The Secretary of Housing, Per Bolund however, states that these new rules will apply and that the banks better hurry up with their administration so that these new regulations can be implemented. 


Swedish "RPS" Income-declaration-forms tomorrow

The Swedish RPS will send out there income-declarationforms tomorrow. All private people will have to declare their income for 2015 before the 2nd of May this year. Many Swedish poeple do it with the help of Internet, by using an electronic ID-device. Those who doesn't have this device, will send their Declaration with the ordinary odlfashioned way by mail.


Hacker-attack on Swedish Media

Last night, at approximately 20.40 there was a massive hacker-attack on several large Media-sights in Sweden. i e,, and for example. This attack has shocked people responsible for the security of the nation as well as Publishers in the whole country. The Policeforce including Homelandsecurity, the Government and other national Institutions have all stated that an action like this is very serious for any country and very serious for a country like Sweden which is very dependent on High Technology. This cyber-attack will be thoroughly investigated.



Kanye West visits IKEA in Sweden

There is a rumour which is confirmed; the high-profile artist Kanye West has been visiting Ikea in Älmhult, Sweden today. There has not been any official comments about this visit, but Ikea has confirmed the actual visit. However, they would not comment on why this visit is taking place nor what purpose it is for. Anyhow, customers have seen and recognized Mr West and contacted Swedish media. The first media to report these news was Aftonbladet.  



Vasaloppet - a Competition in Skiiing for 90 kilometers

Since 1922 there has been a competion in skiing from Sälen to Mora in Sweden. This is a 90 kilometer long path which historians says the King Vasa of Sweden did in the 16th century already. He fled his enemies and he skied all the way to Norway to escape them.

Nowadays, however, this is a big festival for all kinds of skiers, Swedish and international professionals, amateurs and whoever feels like trying to do this old traditional skiing event. This year, there is 15 800 people who have signed-up for the start tomorrow morning at 8 am. This event is sent on television. If you want to look at it, you can see it on



The Swedish Crownprincess Victoria and Prince Daniel had a Son

Last night, at 20.28 the Swedish Crownprincess Victoria and her husband, Prince Daniel, had a son. His name will be Oscar Carl Olof and he is the third successor of the Swedish Crown. He is also the Duke of Skåne.

Här är första bilden på nyfödde prinsen. Foto: Kungahuset/Pressbild

Photo: Kungahuset, Crownprincess Victoria, her husband Prince Daniel, their daughter Estelle and newborn son Oscar.



Handgranades from the Balcan-states found in Sweden

The Secretary of Internal Affairs, Anders Ygeman,  is in the Balkan to negotiate about cooperation to stop warmaterials from being smuggled to Sweden. These materials are often brought in by Criminal Organizations from both Serbia and Bosnia and are used in different kinds of criminal attacks in the society. 



Extremists Attacked People in Stockholm City

There were a mob with extemists, among them Nazi-party representatives, who attacked people in the center city of Stockholm. They attacked people who had a darker colour of skin and they did not care if it was Swedes, migrants or others. Due to this the Stockholm City-Council recommended young Asylum-seekers who lives in Swedish State Institutions to stay inside and not go outside during the week-end. The Policeforce arrested five men who were kept in jail overnight.  


Several Riots in Homes for Young Asylum-seekers

There has been several incidents with fights among young men who have come to Sweden to seek asylum, as well as a murder and threats towards empolyees of these homes. According to the authorities it is because the young men are living in crowded rooms and that some of them are severly traumatized.

The Minister in charge of Homeland-issues, Anders Ygeman, as well as the Minister in charge of Migration, Morgan Johansson, has said that Sweden must be prepared to send back approximately 60 000 - 80 000 people who have no right to get asylum in Sweden. This is a very big challenge for the society to organize these refusals.



Large Swedish Union has been Embazzeling Member-Fees

The Trade Union for mostly Municipality Workers "Kommunal" has been embazzaling money from the Union's Memberfees. They have among other things bought a Night Club with a Restaruant, which they have rent to some people who have engaged som pornstars to perform at this Union owned Club. Everythinng has been publisched in "" which is one of the largests newspapers in Sweden. Many members of "Kommunal" declares that they will not stay as members after these reveals. 



Sexual Harrasment in three European cities

On New Years Eve, three cities reports that women have been sexually harrassed by migrants. I Cologna, Germany more than a dozen women reported that they had been assaulted sexually by some North African men. In Helsinki, Finland a group o f women were harrassed by Iraqian men and in Kalmar, Sweden, at least 16 young women have reported that they were assaulted by som migrants.

As far as known, these assaults were not organized, but some people are wondering if this is a new way of trying to disturb the western lifestyle of women. On the other hand, others are warning that nationalistic parties and organizations will try tog to use these incidents in their favour.  



Swede attacked in Hurghada

Among others a 27-year old Swedish man was attacked with a knife at his hotel in Hurghada in Egypt. He wrote in his Facebook that he had been struck four times with a knife, and was in hospital. He wrote that he was all right now. According to eye-witnesses the attack was made by men supporting Islamic State. One of the two perpetrators was killed by police and the other person was arrested. 

No new recommendations have been issued from the Swedish Foreign Ministry.



Identity Control at Danish borders

All passengers from Denmark to Sweden are required to show proof of identity from today. The personnel from train- and buscompanies must check every passangers documents. In failing to do so, they can be fined at 50 000 SwCr. There are unclarities regarding how the transporting companies are supposed to verify how this identity-check has been done, and many of the executing personnel are frustrated due to lack of directions.



Drama About Wolf-Hunting

Earlier this month, the Government approved Wolf-hunting for totally 46 Wolves in Sweden. Now somebody has appealed this Law to a higher Court, which has approved the appeal. This means that this law now is inhibitated until tomorrow. No wolves are allowed to be hunted until the Court has taken its decision. The matter of Wolf-hunting has been an infected issue for many years in Sweden. Many people are afraid of the Wolves and are happy when they are shot and some people are very fond of them and thinks that they are a natural part of Sweden and has the same right to live in this country as human beings.  



Bus, Train and Boat Transporters Obliged to Check Identity of Passangers

The Swedish Government has informed that all transporting companies who are active in Sweden must check the identities of their passenagers. Otherwise they will be fined at a cost of 50 000 Swedish Crowns (apprx 5 000 Euro). These regulations have been implemented to ensure that the refugees who come to Sweden are registered and that hopefully those who doesn't intend to seek asylum here won't be coming at all. 


November 2015

Check in at the Swedish Boarders

The Swedish Government has decided to re-inforce an identity check at the Swedish boarders. Everybody has to show an identity card or passport to enter Swedish boarders. If you don't have a passport or identitycard, you are asked if you want to seek asylum in Sweden, and if you don't, you will be sent back to whereever you came from. If you want to seek asylum, you are transferred in a bus to the nearsest policestation to be registered. These are the measurers which the Swedish government has taken today to try and control the immigration from most from Syria and Afghanistan. 



Minister of Migration: Sweden Can Not Provide Housing for More Asylum-seekers

Yesterday the Swedish Government told the Press that now Sweden can not provide housing for any more Migrants. The Migrant Authority (Migrationsverket) had to place some people on mattrasses on their floor in the reception in Norrköping. This can not go on anymore. All countires within EU has to take responsibility for this situation. The boarders of Sweden are still open, but people who come here have to take care of themselves. There are no more rooms or beds for all the peopele.



The persecuted man's wife has been interviewed

The wife of the persecuted man from Lithuania for the murder of Lisa Holm was interviewed today by the Court. She tried to give him an alibi, but in the end the time-frame seemed a bit confused compared to what she had told the interrogating police in June. Therefore, the court will call her again at 1 o'clock this afternoon. They were complied to finish the interview earlier today, due to some problems with requiring an interpretor in Russian.



The Police arrived at the Camp in Malmoe

Early this morning the police arrived at the camp where migrants have been living illegally. Malmoe County have promised the migrants to help them with roof over their heads for five nights, and also a busticket back to Romania. The police tries to persuade people to leave volontarily. Some of the protesting Swedes have been carried away. The County employees are supposed to clean the area today.



An Illegal Migrant-Camp in Malmoe must be evacuated

The Swedish Authorities have decided that the illegal Camp-Site which have been risen by Rumanian Immigrants must be evacuated and dismounted. One of the representatives of the authorities said that Sweden "does not have a  'roof over head" legislation. The poeple who illegally have been living in this Camp had to 4 pm yesterday (Sunday) to move from the camp, otherwise they would be moved by force by the police. There are still approximately one hundred people still there and they claim that the police will have to carry them away, they won't move volontarily. About a hundred Swedes have also come to the camp to protest against this decision. On the other side of the road there are other Swedes who are in favour of the decision and now everybody is waiting for the police to come. However, the policeforce have not announced yet if and when they will come any time soon.



Last Witnesses interviewed in Court

This, the 4th day of the trial of Lisa Holm's murder, several witnesses have been interviewed. One of the last witnesses was the Coroner. She said that it was possible that Lisa had been alive several days before she finally died. She was neither sure if the death was caused by strangulation or by hanging. She (Lisa) might have been strangled first and thereafter hanged. The suspect's DNA has been found on Lisa's body, the core which has been used in her killing and also on a pipe where the core had been hung. The suspect man could not explain how he's DNA could be found in these specific places. He said that he has been working in these areas a long time and has therefore naurally left DNA a bit everywhere. He claims that he haa never seen or spoken to Lisa and that he is innocent.



A Lithuanian man prosecuted for the Murder of Lisa Holm

A persecution of a Lithuaninan man, 35 years, has been done today at Skaraborg Public Court. He has been in custody since June this year. There are plenty of technical evidence in form of bloodstains s on Lisa's body. Lisa Holm was strangled. She was found a week after she disappeared when leaving work at 6 o'clock in the evening of the 7thh of June.

He will be prosecuted tomorrow at the court of Skara.  

 Misstänkt mördare The Lithuanian man who is charged with the murder of Lisa Holm.



Police Confirm: Sword-attack in School was a Hate-crime

Yesterdays attack on two teachers and two students in a school in Trollhättan near Gothenburg, in the West of Sweden, was a hate-crime. The perpetrator was dressed in a StarWars-mask and a black coat. He searched for special victims and hurt two students. Two teachers who tried to protect the students were seriously injured. When the police came, they shot the perpetrator with two bullits. One of the bullits took in his abdomen and he was also seriously hurt.

All victims and the perpetrator were taken to hospital. Unfortunately one of the teachers and one of the studenets died yesterday. Also the perpetrator died of his wounds 

  Picture from




Suspected Arsons in Refugee-camps

More then ten suspected arsons have been reported all over Sweden. All houses that have been burnt down have been intended as refugee-camps. In one of the fires there were 14 families who had to be evacuated in the middle of the night. The police have not yet arrested anyone. They are looking for technical evidence of arson. Several places which are intended for refugees in a near future are being surveyed by guards and people responsible in the community are afraid to reveal where these refugee-camps are planned, at the risk of being burnt down. 

The Prime Minister Stefan Löfvén is very worried and frustrated and says he can't understand how anybody can think of doing something like this towards people who already are extremely traumatized.



Play-off for European Championship 2016

Sweden will meet Denmark in a Play-off for the Championship in Football 2016. The experts are agreeing on that Denmark was the worst possible opponent to Sweden. The Danes are very good football-players and it is going to be a tough road for the Swedish team to qualify.



University of Lund closed today

Due to a threat towards students and teachers delivered through an app, "Jodel", the University of Lund is closed today. The threat was written as an exact copy of the message that was sent before the school-shooting in Oregon, USA on the 1st of October this year, where 10 people were killed. The police and school-staff take the threat very seriously and is searching for technical evidence towards the perpetrator.



Turbulence in Swedish Politics

A political party, Kristdemokraterna (KD), has abandoned an agreement that was made in December 2014 which guaranteed the largest party to govern with a budget that would pass parliament, which would grant a stability in the Swedish economy. After KD's decision to break the deal, the three bourgeoisie alliance-parties did the same thing. Now the future of the Socialdemocratic and Green Party-alliance is uncertain.   



A Swedish author is dead

A Swedish famous author, Henning Mankell, died a few days ago. He was the author who created policeinspector Kurt Wallander. The detective stories of Wallander were exported all over the world. Many collegues, friends and readers grieves his death.




A Swedish man has been interviewed by Greek Police

A Swedish man, 32 years, has been interrogated by the Greek Police in Stockholm. He was suspected to be involved in a murder of a Greek man in Greece, but was fully freed in 2005. Now this investigation has been re-opened and the results of this interview will be published at the end of this week. His attorney Leif Silbersky is not willing to comment on the case at all, only confirming that an interview has been made.



Many Discussions About Refugees

As several news-sites reports, Germany and Sweden, are two of the European countries which gives asylum to most refugees coming from countries like Syria and Afghanistan. Many Swedes are worried that Swedens economics won't be able to carry these increased costs and would wish that all countries within EU would take more responsibility. There are countries like i e Finland and Denmark who are almost refusing to let anybody from outside the EU to enter their countries. This unequality must be dealt with by the politicians according to a lot of people. There is a political party, called "Sverigedemokraterna" which is close to other European political parties. who are mainly dis-satisfied with immigration issues. Some people even call them racists. 



Another Explosion in Malmö

Last night there was yet another explosion in Malmö in the South of Sweden. The police say this was the 30th explosion in this area this year. It was a handgrenade. The Police thinks the grenades are smuggled in from the Balkan States. Nobody was killed but properties, windows and cars were damaged.



Most Swedes back to work tomorrow

Today is the last day of vacation for many Swedes. After 4 or 5 weeks of vacation, many people are ready to go back to a more organized life. It is recommended by psychologist to take it easy the first days at work and allow yourself to adjust life to the new "working.mode".



Yet another handgrenade explosion in Malmoe

At 5 o'clock AM there was another explosion in Malmoe, which the police say they think was a handgrenade. Apparently there are people who are in possession of a large number of illegal grenades.



Fifth handgrenade attack in Malmoe

In South of Sweden, in the town of Malmoe, there have been several explosions of handgrenades. The Policeforce are enforcing their attempts to catch the people who are guilty of these explosions. Ordinary people in Malmoe are gettiing very tired of these criminal behaviours. It seems like someone or several people, have a large amount of handgrenades which they throw around. If there is a connection between the different places which have exploded, the police does not know yet.



Several rainy days to be exptected

Today it is raining in many parts of Sweden. Many people are disapppinted in the weather and are searching for suitable places to travel to in the Mediterranian to get some sun before the vacations are over. According to weatherforcasts it is too hot for example in Spain and Italy, with temperatures above 35 C degrees. Somehow it looks like there is no middleway in Europe. Either its cold and rainy or too warm and hot.



Swedes think about their Norwegian young friends who were killed by a terrorist

Anders Behring Breivik was the Norwegian man who killed over 70 people at Utoya in Norway four years ago. He had disguised himself as a policeman and started shooting children and youths that were at a Summer Camp at Utoya, a small island in Norway. This date, 22nd of July is forever marked for sorrow and compassion to all the families who lost one or several children in this brutal attack. The terrorist got his verdict of lifetime in prison and that is where he is now. 



Many People on Vacation

The vacation period in Sweden is mostly in July. Many people are therefore on vacation right now. In the southern  parts of Sweden the sun has been merciful, but from Stockholm and up north its been raining quite a while, therefore tickets to warmer countries have become a very wanted merchendise. Ticket-prices have increased with almost 100 % and Travelling Agencies are making money. 



Heatwave strucks Sweden

It has been more than 30 C degrees in many places in Sweden today. The Swedish Institute for Metheorology has made a Class 1 warning that elderly and small children might get too warm and could need some extra attention today. Otherwise many Swedes like the warmth which they have been longing for. Many people are on vacation and have been able to cool off with a bath in the ocean.




Many politicians and publishers gathered in Gotland this week

Since many years, politicians, CEOs, publishers and others interested in socio-economic issues, are gathered in Visby in Gotland this week. It is a tradition which all of the participating representatives from different areas of society finds very amusing. It is much more informal than regular meetings and different groups of people are able to see and speak to each other in an easier way. The large medias, like Swedish Television and the biggest newspapers like Dagens Nyheter, Aftonbladet and Expressen are all represented. They send Live TV, both tradionally and through the Web. Every night at 19 o'clock one Party Leader from each political Party which is represented in the Parliament, holds a Speach in Almedalen, a park in Visby. It is like a big outdoor party for all the people who matter in Sweden (according to themselves...).  



Swedish ladies lost against Germany

Ladies Soccer in Ottawa in Canada ended for Sweden last night. Germany won with 4 goals to 1. The Swedish coach Pia Sundhage said German girls are better soccer-players, it is as simple as that. Some of the Swedish players will quit the team, among them Therese Sjögran, who's had a leading position in many years. Coach Sundhage didn't want to talk about her future as coach for Sweden, however, several sportjournalists speculates that she might say farewell and move on in her career. 



Busiest traffic-weekend

Tomorrow is the Midsummer-Eve in Sweden. It is a very popular weekend, and is celebrated as much as Christmas. Many Swedes goes to visit friends and family in the country-side and therefore the traffic situation can be very tough. Authorities are advising people to be patient in traffic-queues and ask them to avoid overpopulated roads and seek for alternative ways if possible.



The little Prince will be called Nicolas

Today the King of Sweden, Carl XVI Gustav announed that the son of Princess Madeleine and Mr Chris O'Neill will be named Nicolas Paul Gustav. He will also be the Duke of Ängermanland of Sweden. The Primeminister Stefan Löfven was quite pleased, as he himself was brought up in Ångermanland.


Princess Madeleine and Chris O'Neill's son

This little fellow, the new Prince, was born yesterday to Princess Madeleine and her American husband Chris O'Neill. They have not yet announced any name to the Prince. But he will be a Bernadette, like his mother.

 Phote: Kunglia Hovet


Prince Carl Philip of Sweden gets married today

This afternoon Prince Carl Philip of Sweden will get married to miss Sofia Hellqvist. The couple met a few years ago, got engaged to be married last year, and today they are being wed at the "Slottskyrkan" in Stockholm. This church is nearby the Stockholm Castle and several hundred guests are invited. The Prince-couple will be driven around by a horsecarriage with entourage through a few streets of Stockholm where ordinary Swedes and tourists will be able to see and congratulate them.

    Photo: Kungliga Hovet



Missing girl found dead

Late last night the police told at a pressconference that they had found a dead person who they believed to be Lisa. Three people were taken away for interrogations, two men and a woman. Later last night the three of them were all arrested. The body was found in the search-area. More than 1000 people were involved in the search.



17-year old girl is missing since Sunday

A girl who worked at a cafeteria left her workplace at 18 o'clock together with two other collegues on Sunday evening. She texted her father that she was about to start her journey home. When she didn't turn up within a couple of hours, her parents took the car to meet her. They couldn't find her and called the police at 22 o'clock. Police have been searching for her ever since. They have found a glove and parts of a mobile phone which could belong to the missing girl. This afternoon the police have also released the girls name and photography and hoping that someone can give enough information to solve this very mysterious disappearance. Her name is Lisa Holm and she lives in Skövde, in the Southern part Sweden. The police fears that something criminal has happened to Lisa.   

lisa holm Photo by Police in Sweden



Sweden celebrates 6th of June

We call it The Swedish Flags Day and celebrate that Sweden is a great nation to live in. Other Nothern countries have their indipendence celebrations (i e Norway 17th of May, Finland 6th of December). They have been occupied by other countries so they really have something specific to celebrate. Swedes wanted also to have its own day and came up with this date to just celebrate! We exchanged one of our religious Holidays with this "National Day" and now its a Public Holiday. This year it happened to be a Saturday and many people were free of work anyway. The traditional celebration is often with some Army Marching-music and speaches by more or less famous politicians and/or members of the Royal Family.  




Swedish citizen Dawit Isaac in prison for 5000 days

Former Eritrean Dawit Isaac is still in prison in Eritrea. The Swedish Department of Foreign Affairs have been working with this case with so called "silent diplomacy". However, many people are now demanding some other actions from the Government to force the Eritrean government to release Isaac. There will be a demonstration for his release in Stockholm tonight.



Suspected Manslaughter

Two Swedish Officials are suspected of Manslaughter when accompaning a man supposidly back to Iraq. This Iraqian man had been denied asylum in Sweden and was transported by Swedish Officials to an airplane at Arlanda Airport. Something happened in the plane, the Iraqian man became unconcious for some reason and the Officials had to disrupt the planned journey to Iraq. When they arrived in the hospital in Stockholm, the Iraqian man was already dead. Now two of the Officials have been charged with Suspicion of Manslaughter.



Obligation to file a tax return form

The last opportunity to file a tax return form was at midnight tonight. Many people files their form electonically and those who have an accountnumber filed will receive their tax returns in mid June. Some people sees the whole occasion as something funny and wants to leave their form in the old fashioned way on paper. There are still boxes outside the Tax Offices where one can leave the forms manually.



King Carl XVI Gustav celebrates Birthday

It is the birthday of the King of Sweden today. He will be 69 years old. He has been the King of Sweden since 1973. He is married to Queen Silvia and they av two daughters and a son. The oldest daughter, Crown Princess Victoria, will inherite the title, or rather position as Queen of Sweden, when the King passes away. The King of Sweden has no political power. He's job is to represent Sweden abroad and to be a rolemodel to people in common. Their costs are paid throught taxes.



The Bonfires will be lit tonight

It is the 30th of April which means it's Walpurgis Eve. In Sweden we light Bonfires in many places and sing songs about summer and youth. Many students are celebrating their exams as well. They often drink champagne almost all day long. This Walpurgis Eve it will probably be raining which can mean that fewer people will be outdoors celebrating.



Swedes are Devided in Opinion about Nato

There is a discussion regarding Swedens all closer Alliance to Nato. For several hundred years there has been peace in this country, and many people are afraid that with this new strategy of closer engagement in Nato activities, Sweden will not be able to claim their neutrality anymore. On the other hand some say that Sweden has never been neutral, so they might as well  join Nato to the full extent. There are however very many people who think that diplomacy and politics are far more effective and human, than threats of war to solve the problems of the world.



Refugee tragedy occupies all media

The tragedy with the over 700 drowning refugees on the Mediterranian Sea is on everybodys lips in Sweden. The European Union's meeting with the 10-point declaration is a small comfort. People in Sweden are demanding the European Union to do something concrete to avoid such tragedies ever again.



Syrian president: "Many ISIS terrorists are from Scandinavia"

A journalist from "Expressen" has met with the Syrian president al-Assad. The president claims that many of the ISIS terrorists are from Scandinavia. The Swedish Secret Service "SÄPO" has told that they are aware of hundreds of young men and women who have left Sweden to join ISIS. Many of them are killed abroad.



Founder of Wikileaks ready to be interrogated in London

The Swedish prosecutor will be interviewing Julian Assanage in London. He has announced via his attorney that he will cooperate with the Swedish prosecutor. He is accused of two cases of rape when he visited Stockholm in 2010. He fled to the Embassy of Ecuador in London who gave him political asylum. He has been in the Equadorian Embassy for 3 years now. All this according to the Swedish online-paper DN.SE 

The Government presented the Statebudget

The Government with Socialdemocrats and the Green Party presented their first common Budget for Sweden yesterday. In a very short version one could say that they have distributed the States costs from business-owners to working families as well as improved insurances for the unemployed and people with health-issues. They also presented a Trainee-program for young people which they hope will result in both education and create work opportunities to the young unemployed.

Time to Change to Summer Tyres

Yesterday was the last day you were allowed to drive around with tyres with studs. A lot of people changed tyres already earlier but were caught in snowstorms with summer tyres. The regulation says that if there is snow on the road you are allowed to keep your studs. There is still a lot of snow up north, so their tyres can't be changed yet.


Beggers invade Sweden


For some years now foreign beggers have become an everyday view in several Swedish towns. In bigger cities like Stockholm and Gothenburg, the beggers have been seen outside the stores for years. But recently they have spread to smaller towns too. According to an inquiry 30 % of the Swedes wants the authorities to take them away, some want the authorities to help them and some doesn't care what happens to them. Some people are very frustrated and wonders what would happen if Swedes would do the same thing? 



Swedish Army will Participate in Iraq against Terrorism

All political parties are agreeing on sending Swedish Military to Iraq to assist fighting terrorism. About 35 soldiers will participate by sharing knowledge. They will not take part in weaponed actions, but will contribute with knowledge and know-how. 



Nordic Defence Ministers Agreement

The five Ministers of Defence in Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Iceland have signed an agreement of Cooperation regarding Exchange of information and Mutual defence exercises, according to the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten. It starts already in the end of May with the Nordic Challange exercise, where ten Euopean countries and the United States will participate. This Nordic Agreement is an answer to Russia's more aggressive attitude towards i.e Ukraine. "We have to react to what Russia does, not the retorics of Kreml" they say.   



Easter-Holidays Starting

Many Swedes are leaving to see family and friends for the holidays. The celebration of Easter is almost as big as Christmas. Usually everybody eats a lot of different foods, such as salmon with gravy, lamb-steak and many eggs, which traditionally are painted first. The gardens and windows are decorated with birch twigs and feathers. Some people celebrate by going to church for prayers. All children have an Easter vacation from school for a week.     




Several Hundredthousends Without TV-channels

The large distributor of telephone, TV and computor services, Telia, has not been able to reach an agreement with SBS Discovery who owns channels like Kanal 5, Discovery, Animal Planet, 9, TLC and Eurosport among others. This means that these channels closed down at midnight for several thousends of viewers. Telia has offered compensation in form of other small channels, but many customers are really upset according to social media. It is possible for them to cancel their contract with Telia immediately.



Racist jurors

One of the largest eveningpapers, Expressen, has revealed that several jurors from the political party Sverigedemokraterna, have been writing hateful and racist messages anonymously on some racist websites. Some journalists at Expressen have been able to de-code their e-mail addresses and found out their real names. Some of the stuff that they have written are really gross. Much of it is intended to insult the muslim population. Several authorities are now questioning the fashion in which the jurors are elected. Public opinion is quite upset with these jurors.



Waiting for Springtime

Swedes are patiently waiting for the sun and warmth. In the South of Sweden the sky is grey and in the Northern parts it is snowing today. This picture is taken today in Nybro, Småland in the Souteast of Sweden.


We have also changed our clocks to "summertime", which means that at 2 am we have forwarded the clock one hour to 3 am.



Normalized relations with Saudiarabia

Sweden's Foreignminister Margot Wallström informed media today that the relationship with the Saudis are normalized. A few days ago the Saudi government chose to remove the Ambassdor from Sweden. They stated that Sweden were interfering in Saudi's internal affairs, when Wallström critizised Saudiarabia for its lack of Human Rights.

Today it is confirmed that the Saudi government will re-establish diplomatic relations with Sweden and re-install an Ambassador in Stockholm.



Famous Swedish author dead

Tomas Tranströmer, Swedish author who received Nobels Prize of Literature in 2011 is dead. He died at the age of 83 years. Many people are sending their condolences through social media.



Swedish Joshi Helgesson at Worldchampionship of Iceskating

Joshi Helgesson did well at her debut in Shanghai. She perfomed well and is currently at a fourth place.


 Joshi Helgesson



Many Swedes gets paid today

Today is the 25th of the month and many Swedes are getting paid today. The unemployment figures are steadily at apprx 8 %. But the rest of the people who are working are looking forward to their paycheck today. It is also the Swedish "Waffle Day" today and lots of people are going to eat some Whaffles with whipped cream and jam!



SAT on Saturday

On Saturday Swedish students will have the opportunity to make the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test, US). The test can be made in many places in Sweden. It starts at 9 o'clock and goes on the whole day with just a break for lunch. The results of the test are given before the summer holidays.