An attack on France

Swedish Media have been reporting all night and all morning about the terrible attack which took place in Nice, France last night. The Swedish Primeminister Stefan Löfven has said that the attack was horrendous, the Foreign Secretary Margot Wallström said that this attack was beastly and that Sweden is ready to help France in every way they need. The Swedish authorities follows the news and will secure the citizens of Sweden in every way that they are able to



Swedes follows the Caucuses in Ohio with great interest

The Presidential Elections of US is of great interest for the Swedes. Many media are distributing news from Ohio and both TV and Radio are sending Live-programmes from the Caucuses. There is a real fascination for the American elections. The nominatation of Democratic vs Republican presidential candidate is probably one of the most followed news in Sweden right now.  


Too early to speculate about Russian crashed flight

According to the Russian and Egyptian experts, it is too early to speculate what happened to the flight which took 224 peoples lives on its way from Egypt to Russia. Some technical sources indicates that one of the planes motor exploded for some reason in the air. This is not confirmed, and the people who have the knowledge to unrevel this planecrash says that everybody has to wait for the results of their investigation.


Speculations about Germanwing pilot

Many of Swedish media speculates about the Germanwing pilot who supposedly couldn't re-enter the cockpit. There are different theories, among others that his co-pilot must have been ill, unconcious, dead or intentionally did not want to open the door.

Everybody is waiting for some credible explanations about the planecrash.